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About *STAR*

Hello. My name is Sarah but I go by *STAR*

I am a semi professional voice actress having been paid for being the lead in the 3D animated adult series The Stone Sorceress. I have always been interested in voice acting but didnt really try persuing it till about 2015 on Newgrounds.com. Please feel free to check out my previous works there!

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I've come here in the hopes of gaining more experience and skills as well as being in some wonderful and amazing projects with the very talented people here.

Thank you and good luck with your projects.

  • @joey-cas

    Star is a phenomenal Voice actor, her wide range of emotion can be switched on and off in an instant, I have been lucky enough to collaborate with her on a few projects now and all I can say is she gives everything shes got in every aspect and she is ridiculously fast in terms of turnaround time. You would do yourself and your projects a great favor by getting her on board, you will not be disappointed.