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Capricorn Waves

Voice acting and singing are fun hobbies of mine 

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Hi I’m Capricorn Waves but you can call me Sadie. :D I’m a Ravenclaw,Capricorn,ENFJ, Gachatuber. I love making friends! My fandoms include, SP,TBHK,WOF, a few others but mainly those 3.

  • @via3

    Were to begin Capricorn waves is a great voice actor I'd say that working with her is a pleasure

    When I sent her the link to the trailer script she sent me the lines the moment she noticed and I'd say that she did it perfectly

    1. I'd say casting her was one of the best decisions in my life.☺️

    2. If she auditions for your series I'd say you won't regret casting her ☺️

  • @rose_2

    REALLY good at accents, drawing, singing, editing, and acting I would always recommend her super nice and sweet 

  • @rose_2

    I am good friends with Capricorn Waves and she can sing amazingly and does really good accents she is super fun and nice I would always recommend her.

  • @Gabs_Is_dumb_69

    Sadie is an amazing va who is rlly kind and willing to va (she doesn't have discord but we found a way to make it work.). I recommend working with her.