A very well motivated VA ready for action!

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About Sabir071

Serious guy that knows when to laugh and when to work! 

I have been wanting to be a VA for a very long time, but never really did something for it nor have i committed to it. But now i have flipped over the coin and i am ready to chase those dreams!

I love doing video game characters, since i play video games (of course), and if i have to fight those long scripts and hard characters to voice then i'l grind like crazy!

Anyway, you can always reach me via discord (sabirboy071), or just send me a message on CCC.

If you got ANY critique on my voice or anything, DONT SPARE ME!!!

Give me all your advise as i will soak it in and spit some piece of art right back at your face!


Audio Technica 2020

Depusheng audio mixer

Voiceconsult - 2023

Basis stemacteren

Instructed by Anneke Beukman, Franky Rampe

Dutch course in voice acting, given by professional VA's. 

  • @po1ntlezz

    I met Sabir through a voice acting friend of mine. he was interested in getting into voice acting ,and since i had a project going, me and that friend decided to coach him into becoming a voice actor. and in about a month or so he improved drastically. he upgraded his setup, learned a load about voice acting and even decided to become a sound designer on my project. he is a very dedicated and if he keeps up this pace, he will soon be one of the best voice actors i know.