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Yo! I'm Rylie, however you can call me Ry. I'm a British Filipino creator, based in the UK, who dabbles in a wide range of things, whether it's story writing, directing, animation, acting etc! If you name it, chances are I've done it at least once before! I'm head of backstage for my school productions! I have a great passion for anything I do, and tend to commit all to it no matter the task (I may or may not be a slight perfectionist). I hope that one day, I am able to use these skills in future professions.

Personal Information About Rylie:

Ry has a large range of skills, and has years of experience in most of them. They have been acting since they were 7, scoring leading and supporting roles in many school productions until recently (a year or 2) where he decided to work backstage. In just one school year, they were given the position of head of backstage and is still the head. they also have been writing stories for a long time, and is very excited to share with people his work. Ry is still getting used to animation.

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  • @arialorae

    Thought I'd give her a recco since she truly deserves it. Ry is a really talented voice actress, I managed her on a project of mine as a backup VA and although having a few lines, she did NOT disappoint. She's truly a fun person to work with and I'd definitely hire her if I were you! :>