Call me Felix or Roza!

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About Roza_Chera

NOTE: Please do not just add me on discord even if you’re interested in having me in a project. Contact me on here first with what role you want, and what the project is. Add me AFTER I have been cast! 

About Me:

Pfp art/character credit: me :D 

Hi! My name is Felix/Roza (call me either), and I go by he/him

I am 17 years old!

I am a native Mandarin speaker, and I’m decently fluent in Japanese!

Voice Acting:

I have just about 2 years of voice acting experience. My voice ranges from energetic young boy/girl to soft spoken young woman to maniacal villainess and everything in between! Check out my previous submissions for some examples of my voice work! I don’t have a demo reel yet, but I’ll get to it….maybe.


I have quite extensive art experience-most of it being in realism, however I’ve been working on my stylized art for about 4 years! You can check out my art stuff @Rozart_Chera on Instagram or through my portfolio here! 


I am a classically trained flutist with competition, solo, chamber ensemble, symphony orchestra, and concert/marching band experience. Some of my achievements and experiences as a flute player include being the soloist in my marching band show, being in the Houston Youth Symphony(principal), being in the TMEA All-State top band, receiving the Outstanding Performer award at State Solo and Ensemble, and being in my school’s band/orchestra for 6 years. If interested in having me as a flutist, please note that I have good enough pitch to learn by ear, but it would be much more convenient and efficient if sheet music is provided. 

Shoot me a message if you’re interested in having me in a project, or need clarification on anything!

  • @kryptid-with-a-k

    Felix has some really solid impressions and a great emotional range. He's not afraid to shout if he needs to! I'm hoping more people cast him to show off his talent :)

  • @wrenerggy

    Felix is an amazing voice actor and a reliable and kind person to work with! 

  • @mysticalfox0424

    Felix is probably the coolest person you'll meet in your lifetime, and he's a joy to work with. SUPER COOL GUY RIGHT HERE. Cast him, you won't regret it. ^^