The Silhouetted Studio

The Silhouetted Studio

Check out my project! (I promise it's worth your while lol)

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About The Silhouetted Studio

Hi! I'm Sky/Widow. 
I'm a young black girl looking to create an original Royale High series that serves as a comfort show for people once they've finished it. :)
Check out my project! My team and I aren't giving up on it unless I die lol


Unfortunately, I'm only 16 as of now and my parents don't want to help pay to get voice actors, which is understandable. Maybe in the future, I'll have enough money to pay professionals but for now, anyone who's willing to help me out just for fun is appreciated. :)

What The Silhouetted Studio is looking for

I'm looking for people who are willing to help me out with a major long-term project of mine. Check it out, read the description!