Benjamin Grace

Benjamin Grace

Casting director, editor, script writer, voice actor, audio engineer.

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About Benjamin Grace

I'm a writer, editor, producer and director.

Joseph Wright Academy - 2021

Diploma in performing arts

Instructed by Ben Adams

Passed in English literature. Diploma in PA. 


Depends on the time and range of what it is you're asking for. For example:

Scripts up to 5,000 words would cost £45.00.

Scripts up to 10,000 words would cost £90.00 (Movie length.)

Voice acting I usually do for free, but will accept payment.

Audio editing:

15 minutes: £19.00

30 minutes: £28.00

45 minutes: £37.00

Vise versa.

Regular editing:

5 minutes: £21.00

10 minutes: £42.00 (so on and so forth.)

What Benjamin Grace is looking for

I usually like to partake in projects that have a good team behind them. A good director, etc.