I am a highly efficient, creative-driven 2D character illustrator, animator, designer, and visual developer. Portfolio:

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Currently studying at the College for Creative Studies, Samara I. Brown is an illustrator, animator, character designer, and visual developer. Using a mix of semi-realism and cartoonist influence within her work, she actively creates compelling stories and characters that captivate and inspire audiences alike. She loves to write in the genres of Adventure, Romance, Drama, and Fantasy and goes into depth of worldbuilding within her stories. She’s participated in many competitions; winning second place in The Turned Comic’s Digital Art Competition and being a Finalist in Nickelodeon’s Nick LBX2021lol's Contest. Samara’s current projects include a Romantic Melodrama, “The Ties We Made” as well as an Underwater Sea Story called “Echoes in the Abyss'' both of which she hopes to bring to life through the works of animated shorts, series, and films.

College for Creative Studies - 2025

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Currently working towards my Bachelors in Fine Arts 

Major: Animation

Oakland Community College - 2022

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Graduated with an Arts Associates Degree


I do both unpaid and paid roles. 

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Animated Projects seeking help with animation and character design. Experience working with others.