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About RobotRichie

Let's get to the serious stuff.

Hello! My name is Richard Saint James Smith, but I go by Ritchie. I am a YouTuber animator, with Associates in Studio Arts, Arts &Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences. People commonly know me from either my animations, Anthony Padilla (YouTuber)'s video on Autism or from more talented people in my family (such as United World Orchestra, Rybe, Justice Smith, Cameo Adele)

The name "RobotRichie" was created at a friend's house back in 2009. Originally, the name was "Robotrichie9", since I made the YouTube account when I was nine and I liked robots (I was a kid). I made it, initially, to post Club Penguin videos, Super Mario 64 bloopers and sprite animations (again, I was a kid). 

I grew up having such a passion for animation, when I was introduced to Cinema 4D by an old elementary school friend back in 2009. Since graphics design was too difficult for me at the time, I branched off to using Game Maker and creating subpar games (games, in which, have not been published). Once creating the games, I realized how fun it was to create the characters more than coding the games. Ever since, I branched off to do animation on Macromedia Flash 8 (now named Adobe Animate) on (if you look hard enough, you'll find me).

The name was re-branded from "Robotrichie9" to "Robotrichie999", then finally to the name it is now: RobotRichie.

My end goal in life is to just become what everyone expected me not to be. I've wanted to create my own animated series that help people in times of need, on top of being an entertaining show, which is what I hope "Animated" would turn out to be. After reaching this goal, I wanted to spend the rest of my days being a professor at a University, teaching others to pursue the passions I have.

I want to make people laugh and inspire anyone I can that you can be black, autistic, LGBT, and many others, and it wouldn't matter. People can do whatever they want to do, so long they are passionate and push through all the people who say "no". Use it for motivation! 

And with all that, I bid you all adieu! :)