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Novice writers wonder about only one thing – why their writing is horrible. This is a problem, indeed. Even if you as a beginner follow all writing guidelines carefully, your final product is still going to lack sophistication, flow, and the catching beauty of words and ideas. Really, why does this happen all the time? Some scholars say that beginning writers have to go through a stage called “write a paper for me”, meaning writing those humble constructions out of you to be able to create really great pieces.

Your writing sucks. That’s bitter reality. But your writing can get better, and that’s sweet future. There are several reasons for why you as a teenager fail to perform good writing. The first and main reason is your age. Old as this saying is, you lack knowledge. Uh-uh, I’m not saying you are dumb. But admit that someone ten years older and with some writing experience has a bigger vocabulary and broader vision of the world. This is something you will find out from with time. But if you want to fasten the process of discovering the world, than rule number one says: read more. This advice is not new, but regardless of its annoying old age people still prefer to skip it. However, books are a key to making your knowledge universal. Which books are better to read? All books work fine, even if they get negative feedback from literary critics. You should decide whether the book is good for you, or it is worthless. Learn to evaluate and draw conclusions. Do not run away from foreign literature. I’m not meaning reading Japanese classic in Japanese language. I’m meaning reading Japanese classic to get a clue about eastern culture. Situation is the same with other countries. Read about something you do not understand but would like to find out. Read, read, read, and one day you will find (to your own surprise) that you can easily write an essay about something that is not commonly known. As to vocabulary, with time your memory will automatically save words, phrases, and stylistic constructions the way they should be written.We are ready to help you with your "write an essay for me"!

Another reason why your writing sucks is the lack of overall flow. Experienced writers have all passed the stage at which words and phrases looked somewhat better than a house before an overall reconstruction. Look at them now – they are all writing nice works. So is there anything you can do? Yes. First of all, after being criticized for bad essay writing do not even think about giving up and hiding behind a so-called “writer’s block”. It is pointless, and it won’t do you any good. Instead of whining about how unjust life is start fighting. Get all mad and furious and re-write that darn essay. Edit it until you are satisfied, and show it to your critics with a smile of pleasure on your face because rule number two says: write every day. If I were to count statistics, I’d say that every person gets at least a minute of inspiration every day. Peeling potatoes and feeling that right now you have a great idea about how to make this process less embarrassing? Drop those potatoes and write about the plan of remodeling the life of a housekeeper. Whenever you think that right now you are in need of writing, write. With time you will develop your writing style and get rid of wordiness, clumsy language, and childish assumptions. You will also learn to think about the semantic meanings of words and their usage. But if you walk without rhythm, you never learn, so get inspired.Learn about how to get an custom writing with the help of our service!

Rule number three is simple: pay attention. It doesn’t mean that you have to walk around like James Bond mumbling the “I Spy with My Little Eye” song. You don’t have to be suspicious, too. This rule is not for international top secret agents. It simply teaches you that every thing, event, or being carries in itself a reason for writing. Sit down in park in Cambridge and look around. That candy wrap under the tree – isn’t it a reason for writing a “Solution to Pollution” essay? And what about young Mommy with her kid… they can be heroes of your new article. Everything is worth writing about. Lear to look around, analyze, notice interesting facts, and try to imagine how you would write about them. Don’t be afraid of new acquaintances, talk to people on the streets, go to places where you thing you’d never be able to go (if you are an all-Britney girl, go to Avril’s concert, but really – don’t wear that pink lacey shirt to it). New experience is also an effective way of getting knowledge, so why not to use it? Find out some classification essay examples from our blog!

If you are all about getting published and day-dream to become a popular publicist, than learn to write in a way it is required. The fourth and final rule of writing teaches: listen to professionals. No one will help better than people who are known as experts in their field of work. Look for writing tips from journalists, and read newspapers that attract you as a possible employment options.

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