Riley Nix

Riley Nix

Here to perform, meet new people, and grow as a voice actor.

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About Riley Nix

Hey there! My name is Riley and I am an aspiring voice actor. Be sure to follow me on my socials to see where you can hear my voice next. I love working with new people and trying out a wide variety of characters. 

  • @annagroelly

    Riley is a VA I only wish had found my projects sooner. He is a stellar antithesis to our pool of lower voices with his enamoring, youthful higher voice with some of the finest diction I’ve heard in a non-professional. His voice is very befitting of a young leading man, however, he has shown a wide range of vocal abilities throughout his numerous roles in our projects. He has also joined the production team in multiple roles and his contributions to our projects is always organized, enthusiastic, and helpful beyond compare. I look forward to any further opportunities I may grant him, and I know he will thrive in anyone else’s project, as well as in the professional world.