Robert McCutchan

Robert McCutchan

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The Actor Factory - 2021

Voice Over

Instructed by Jamie Marchi
Blumvox Studios - 2021

Voice Acting Teaching Series

Instructed by Steve Blum
The Sessions: Voice Acting in Anime and Video Games - 2021

The Sessions: Voice Acting in Anime and Video Games

Instructed by Chris Rager
Ace Studios - 2022

Commercial VO Intensive

Instructed by Emily Latka
Sonny Strait Studios - 2022

Online Acting Workshop

Instructed by Sonny Strait
Ace Studios - 2022

Online Video Game Efforts

Instructed by Major Video Game Director
Ace Studios - 2022

Online ADR for Anime Intensive

Instructed by Wendee Lee
OKC Improv - 2022


Instructed by OKC Improv
The Halp Network - 2022

Your Wheelhouse for Voice Over Demos

Instructed by JP Karliak
Ace Studios - 2022

Online Anime Class

Instructed by Amber Lee Connors
VO Peeps - 2022

Creating Characters for Animation

Instructed by Bob Bergen
Ace Studios - 2022

Online VO Class

Instructed by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Official Charlie Adler - 2022

Acting For Animation Master & Intermediate Class

Instructed by Charlie Adler
Sonny Strait Studios - 2022

Advanced Acting

Instructed by Sonny Strait