Hi there, thanks for stopping by! I'm Rían, a 28-year-old multilingual actor, voice actor, and games development graduate - pleasure to meet you!

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About RianBCK

Working in Madrid as an actor has kept me away from CCC for a few years now, but I aim to be auditioning quite regularly here for the foreseeable future! I've quite a bit of professional experience under my belt now, so please do check out the recordings I've featured here and the work I've featured on these YouTube playlists!

If I'm not responsive here on CCC then please shoot me an email, especially if it's urgent.

I also have a little VA fun on TikTok on occasion should that interest you!

English: Native speaker.
Spanish: Proficient. Having lived in Madrid for four years my pronunciation and accent are very solid.
Irish (Gaeilge): Native level; as I am from the North-West I speak Connaught Irish.
French: Proficient, solid pronunciation.
My average voice is mid-ranged and male, though I have good flexibility on either side. I have an Irish accent (Co. Sligo), though it's quite light and neutral unless I lean into it. I can also pull a fairly wide array of voices and accents - especially if you need a good Gollum impression!

  • @theanimator727

    This is the first time I’ve worked with Rian on a project and I must say, it was an excellent honour. In our movie machinima Retribution, Rian portrays the main antagonist Rohan Leone and he did a fantastic performance. Captured the traits exactly as a described, delivered each line with such talent and performed an overall excellent performance. Owns a clear and understand microphone and sent me his voice files long before the deadline, allowing me to review them early. For our first time working together, I can happily say it was a successful project and I believe it wouldn’t have been as good without Rian’s performance. Severely underrated and I recommend working with him if you’re ever looking for talent.

  • @seren-schlesinger

    Though I have not directly worked with Rían myself, I have had the pleasure to watch him put in an amazing breadth of creative skill into his many projects. He is a generous collaborator, a VA with a wide array of technical vocal skill, and a dedicated performer. I highly recommend Rían to anyone looking for a talented and easy-to-work-with VA.