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"Comoedia est transcendens" 
Hello, I am Retro Ace and Welcome to Divine Comedy Productions 
This is a channel where an aspiring writer under the alias Retro Ace and his team of eccentrics of his Modern Myth Mansion on Discord create stories that instead of starting light and devolve to darkness, start in the darkness and rises to light. 
Most of these tales take place in either 
The Loreverse - a Multiverse of Mythological Epics 
The V.I.G.I.L.-verse - A Superhero universe inspired by Tokusatsu and the works of the late Shotaro Ishinomori 
I also also do reviews and gives my opinions in favor of happy endings, romanticism, reconstruction, eucatastrophe, and the importance of mythology in epics, and reflecting cultural values especially in pop-culutre in formats of Movies, TV, Video Games, Animation, and Books/Comic Books. 
If your heart is too broken from titles such as RWBY, Akame Ga Kill, Madoka Magica, and Fate: Zero 
You have found your light at the end of the tunnel