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About RED.MP4

✧ North America ✧ Any Pronouns ✧ 18+ ✧ Anti-AI ✧ INFP-T ✧


Howdy! I'm RED.MP4 or Red, a comic dub editor of 4 years! After jumping into project work back in 2019, I began taking up project-based editing jobs, and am now the director of several projects of my own on my main/personal account! There, I am also a digital artist and semi-beginner voice actor! Here, I am a video/audio editor specializing in comic dubs and audiobooks, though I've begun branching out! Are you looking for a video editor with highly versatile styles, options, and rates to bring your project to life? Look no further! I offer a wide range of customizable editing styles for your comic dubs and have your satisfaction as my ultimate priority. Interested? Message me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Also, don't forget to check out The Place! 


Will NOT consider any projects:

  • Containing, or run by a person(s) known for, hate/discrimination (racism, homophobia, ableism, etc) or violent/traumatizing acts (SA, terrorism, SH, etc) with the intention of attacking a specific group, victim blaming, spreading hate, or glorifying the topic/act. Projects that cover these topics with maturity and respect are welcome.

  • Created with an unfair share of pay. Any work that is monetized or otherwise profiting one or more people, with gross income not being given to a charity or other non-profit group, must be paid fairly. May consider exemption if full disclosure is provided to all project members upfront and on project listing.

  • With incomplete, neglectful, or lazy directing. This includes an incomplete casting call. 

  • That use, or are run by someone that uses or does not oppose, AI generators (art merging algorithms, voice mimicking software, or similar "AI creators") or the stolen, immoral, and/or illegal content that results from them.



What RED.MP4 is looking for

I am looking for paid video and/or audio editing/engineering roles for comic dubs, audiobooks, and other fan dubs or original projects.