Leif Bradshaw

Leif Bradshaw

Professional singer of all genres, and aspiring voice-over artist with a great love of mimicry, dramatic readings, and campy characters.

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About Leif Bradshaw

Been singing publicly since the age of 9, had a love of animation and voice work that never faded with age, and even recently received a Bachelor's in Music, with a major in Music Theory and Composition. I am also on the autism spectrum, so forgive me if communication sometimes gets a little weird with me. I may struggle with thinking of what to say on the fly without a script, but give me dialogue and reading instructions, and there may not be a need for many takes. 


I tend to charge $50 per hour for my singing gigs, and feel disinclined to not do the same for paid voice-over work. However (at least for now), I am willing to take the unpaid offers here as well, for the sake of gaining experience.

What Leif Bradshaw is looking for

My main game here is to find opportunities to practice more as a voice-over artist, since I have optimistic feelings about my ability to gain a foothold in careers such as voice acting, narration, audiobooks, and the like. I also hope that, like many others here I'm sure, it can lead to some truly amazing gigs in the future.