☆ Ray ☆

☆ Ray ☆

♥ An aspiring voice actress ♥ Winning the hearts one mic at a time.https://www.buymeacoffee.com/withcare10c

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About ☆ Ray ☆

Like voice acting overall, I'm relatively new to this platform.  I want characters in every form to have personalities, whether fan-made, created initially, or entirely different. Please message me for further information about my capabilities and the people I can emulate or voice.

Academy of Art University - 2024

Introduction to Acting

Instructed by NM

  • My recent accomplishment is completing an Acting Introduction course. I learned how to read scripts and perform rehearsal techniques from plays, television shows, and screenplays, applying improvisation and observation techniques to create spontaneous storylines and authentic characters. I aspire to be a voice actress, so learning the importance of connecting with my authentic voice was necessary to get in touch with. I still have a lot more to learn about the different techniques, but this was an excellent opportunity to start. 



What ☆ Ray ☆ is looking for

I am currently looking for any fandubbing roles or animations that need voice acting included. My goal is to one day become bigger and get cast in a small indie series; I joined the casting call because of its wide variety of projects and excellent opportunities to gain experience. 

  • @TiredVA

    I have Worked with Ray on quite a few things and she has always been incredibly kind, sweet, and intelligent. 

  • @Akariyu-1234

    I only started working with Ray a little while ago and it has been so fun, she's so great to be around, and she's such an amazing voice actress. I would highly recommend hiring her, and I'm so excited to continue working with such an awesome person.

  • @nathan-fazbear

    Trust me when i say this. This girl is freaking Niffty from hazbin 100%. Great voice acting and personality! Works with the crew a lot! and is very friendly and workable. cant wait to continue working with them!