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About Raphael Moran

Raphael Moran, MRi p.g.s, is an award-winning film producer and director, having won best music video and best web series at international film festivals, and received nominations for five more. He has most recently directed the web series, “Wizard Grandpa Stories,” which is featuring on Amazon Prime Video.
He has been the Festival Film and Photography Producer/Director for the Byline Festival since 2017, and has an ongoing collaboration with the Byline organisation.
Raphael has founded and is the CEO of companies that specialise in the entertainment industry; Moran Films (video production company), Moran Associates (publicity and talent management) and Moran Enterprises (business administration). He is the president of the Producers Guild of Sussex.
Raphael went to Michael Hall School in Forest Row, East Sussex. From a young age, Raphael worked with his parents in their puppet shows. Since that time his aim has been to create an experience that audiences would enjoy, which motivated him to learn the disciplines and skills which are needed to succeed in the entertainment industry.
He has collaborated with award-winning filmmakers, including working with Primetime Emmy-Nominated cinematographer Christopher Titus King on several projects.
Raphael is a board member of the radio station 107 Meridian FM, where he hosts a weekly radio show, and he has recorded several commercials for them.
Raphael is also a photographer, voice-over artist, actor and musician.
He is the grandson of Olympio Guilherme, a Brazilian journalist, actor and director.

  • @xanderphillips

    I worked with him on various projects and I was also a guest on his radio show, his voice is incredible and he's incredibly hard working in the industry.
    If you want something done to a professional standard whether it be voice work or editing or anything in between.
    This is your man!