Raina Meginley

Raina Meginley

Raina Meginley is a non-union voice actor specializing in animation and other character focused voice over work. 

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About Raina Meginley

Raina Meginley is a non-union, LGBTQIA+, disabled military veteran voice and screen actor with a medium high vocal register specializing in animation and other character voice over work with a broadcast quality home studio based in Dallas, Texas.

Strawberry Hill Studio - 2024

Animation/Anime Group Readthrough Exp.

Instructed by Ezra Weisz
Iolite Studioz - 2023

VO With The Pros

Instructed by Matt Socia, Jonathan Rigg, Josh Martin, Shawn Gann
Starwberry Hill Studio - 2023

Animation & Video Games LV1& LV2

Instructed by Morgan Berry
Sound On Studio - 2023

Book-IT While Having Fun

Instructed by Kirsten Day
Very Berry Studios - 2023

Project/Character Analysis

Instructed by Phebe Fabacher
Jose Sandoval - 2025

Intro. Into ADR Dubbing

Instructed by Jose Sandoval
Real Voice LA - 2023

Auditioning & Working in Anime

Instructed by Caitlin Glass
Kiba Walker - 2022

Character Acting

Instructed by Kiba Walker, Shawn Gann
The Halp Network - 2022

Voice Acting for Anime, Animation, & Games

Instructed by Brent Mukai
Clyde Bernardy Acting Studio - 2021

Script Analysis Intensive

Instructed by KC Clyde

I try to follow the indie rate guide, but everything is negotiable! 


What Raina Meginley is looking for

I've completed over 124 various projects which include manga/text dubs, animation, indie video games, podcast, an audio book, and a commercial.