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About raee

Hello, my name is Rae! I’m a black genderfluid 13 year-old 2D character designer and artist with some experience in audio/video editing. I have been writing my own stories since 12, but i’ve had many ideas for potential projects way before that. I started drawing when I was around 5-6 years old, and began consistently improving since. I have an immense love for wolves and other types of wildlife.

I am open to commissions in exchange for discord nitro. It’s my only form of payment currently, as I don’t have a card or paypal to receive money with.

I am also open to auditions for my new animated series: Mediators! More info about the project can be found on my one and only project page on this site.

personal rentry (abt me!): https://rentry.co/g0dhearmyplea

commission rentry (abt my service!): https://rentry.co/rae_commies

discord: raenmaru


Mediators is a non-profit show, so everything is for free.

What raee is looking for

I am currently looking for character designers and writers for my upcoming animated series, Mediators, a story of a young wolf trying to navigate through a world shes been hidden from since birth! More information on this series can be found on the project page. It will eventually need more roles, such as animators, storyboarders, voice actors and more, but I’m taking this project slowly rather than opening up every role at once.