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Hello! I am Raelene Evans, and I am an author from California.  As an author, I have been professionally trained in English and writing.  I go to a private school dedicated in raising the worlds next generation of authors, public speakers, and more.  As of June 2021 I will be 15 years old.  I have worked on many series, to improve their story, help fix plot holes, and more. I specialize in writing fantasy, adventure, a bit of horror, and romance novels/scripts.

  Along with being a script/book writer, I am also a song writer.  I have written many songs over the past year.  As of April 2021, I've written 8 or so songs, all of which I will demo so that you may listen to them! I specialize in writing stripped down songs(usually songs with just piano or guitar), but I also specialize in creating unnerving themes for mysterious antagonists.  I use GarageBandiOS as my outlet for creating songs.  

Lastly, I aspire to be a director, I am attempting to direct my own series right now called Aura, which is a Fantasy/adventure.  

Thank you for taking the time to read my about! Have a great week!