Beginner V.A (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ Feel free to DM me here or on my discord for any projects you are working on! ^^

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About Raiden

HI!!! The name is Raiden! but you can call me Rai 😁

I'm a beginner voice actor/actress and I really want to make it into the industry

I'm currently working on a Webtoon called Into The New Stars and Galaxies and I'm looking for potential voice actors and singers! so feel free to check it out! <3333

He/She/They (Pronouns \^o^/ )

I'm 19

I'm a small cosplayer on TikTok 😅 my @ is Axellasst ^^

Genderfluid bitch lol!! 💗🤍💜🖤💙

What Raiden is looking for

Voice Acting jobs!! \^o^/

  • @axelexa

    They are really cool! I love their voice! for a guy, he really can do feminine voices! So if you have any females to voice over, I recommend Rackedact!

  • @silviaplays

    They are so good! Their voice matches everything! It was an honor working with them! they have an amazing talent! I hope you all can see that too!!

  • @saturnacts

    Not only is Raiden a cool voice actor, but they are also a really good director! I have never seen anyone like them! They are so sweet and have an amazing mindset to the work of fiction! not to mention that their voice is fitting to most characters! It was an honor working with them!

  • @themfhereyall

    This my friend y'all, he's the best mf you can ever meet
    For some reason he sings GOOD too
    androgyny on top frfr