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Kat Quinton

Just your nerdy neighborhood voice actor!

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About Kat Quinton

Hello! I'm Kat Quinton, your nerdy neighborhood voice actor!
I've been voice acting for a few years now and it's been such a blast ever since I got started. I'm a huge TTRPG nerd and love to hang out with my crazy cat when I'm not too busy. If you'd ever like to get in touch, feel free to shoot a message my way!

YT: Kat Quinton - YouTube

Discord: Kat Quinton#3293

  • @razzle

    If you're looking for an intense, passionate, and emotional delivery then I absolutely recommend working with Quietbeam! She did a phenomenal job performing as the lead in my video game, and was wonderful to work with. She not only delivered all of her recordings ahead of deadline, she sent different interpretations/takes for all of the lines and it was hard to choose between all the great choices. 10/10 would positively recommend!

  • @aurelianis

    Couldn't be happier with the voice acting for my Fallout 4 mod project from Quietbeam. She did an amazing job!

  • @craftyboy12

    Kat Quinton has been voicing the protagonist's younger brother in my audiobook series and has been doing brilliantly so far! They put so much emotion into the role, giving the character lots of sadness and bitterness. Would definitely recommend!