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Under this pseudonym, my name is Johnny Castillo. I love voicing anything super serious, super ridiculous, and anything in between!

If you need something hammed up, or drawled out, or screamed painfully, I can do that!

(If you come across some guy on who writes garbage under the same name as me, then hey, congrats! You found me!)
VOICE ACTING "EXPERIENCE"2014 - Starred and redubbed my own lines in "Outlie", a friends indie film.

2016 - Started my own YouTube channel, posting with it a fake radio podcast, starring myself and two close friends.

2016 - Assembled, dubbed, and edited a few Evangelion parody videos.

2016 - Starred in Thomas Gallagher's "Inhuman Rants: Evangelion" video.

2017 - Starred in Thomas Gallagher's "Hey Griffith" video, as Guts.

2017 - Chess of Blades - Silas (Argent Games).

2017 - 1st Degree - Jun (Parival Games).

2017/2018 - Synthetic Lover - Terrance (Knight of Hearts).