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Duelmonsters's Previously Completed Works

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    About YGO: Duel Monsters

    Trying to find people who would be interested in this. Skype will be needed. THE VIDEO ABOVE IS AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT WE HAVE IN MIND. SKIP TO 5:20 TO SEE.

    So me and another VA thought it might be interesting to do this YGO: Duel Monsters project. It is not a fan dub or abridged series. It is sort of like D&D, but not really. It'll probably be 100% improv and duels will be recorded live. We will be using Dueling Network and YGOPro, there is a difference between the website and program mentioned. It will be sort of like an audio drama with improv and visual to an extent. The website and program mentioned are FREE, so you don't have to pay to use them.

    This will be improv
    ! Be good with humor(like legit funny humor) if you create a character which is suppose to be funny. Professional audio quality needed. You don't have to be an American base character.

    ☑ You will create your own character, but that character does have to be approved.

    Keep in mind that your character age does matter so they have to be at least 18. Keep in mind if your character is below the age of 18 that there might come a point in the storyline itself where they simply cannot travel too.

    ☑ If you create a voice for a certain character keep in mind you'll have to maintain it.

    ☑ The setting will take place in a real world scenerio with some adjustments.

    There might be characters created that help move the storyline forward.

    ☑ The Millennium Items will be involved, but it is undetermined which characters will have them. We do want there to be character and story development, so keep that in mind.

    ☑ Decks will need to be approved, so there will be deck checks.

    ☑ Nothing is set in stone on how the story will develop or the relationships of the characters involved in said storyline.

    General Concept; Konami created Duel Monsters, the Millennium Items exist in this real world scenario that has some minor adjustments. One of the executive obtains the Millennium Ring and becomes the host for the entity within it, and basically becomes evil. Yu-Gi-Oh! is a television show which does exist in this real world, but is basically fiction. 

    Character(s) Which Exist Currently

    The Konami Executive - The main story villain for now.

    About the Creator: duelmonsters

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold