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Dolittle To The Max's Previously Completed Works

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    About World of Liphilius 2

    This is a passion project already deep in collaboration and creative creation!

    We have plenty of main roles and can provide an opportunity for voice actors to work in collaboration with a large group of writers, all experienced and skilled in story telling as well as creative writing. This project will be an ongoing affair with many new characters and new auditions. So if a role is taken, don't fear as new characters are being introduced constantly!

    About: The World of Liphilius is much like Earth with similar climates, the same rules of gravity and survival but with a big 'ol fantasy twist! There is quite in depth lore and backstory if you wish to really get into it, but our directors will provide you with any key information needed to inform how you deliver your lines. So no need to read up, but if you are cast and are interested in the direction of where the drama is going, we will send you all the information documents to read through!

    Story Line (very brief): The world of Liphilius is an old planet, having civilisations on it for years, yet for some time an organisation has been in charge of overseeing the wellbeing and rule of the lands. The Triangular Truce is a council much like Earth's 'United Nations' rules Liphilius, however with a council members mysterious disappearance there is now an opening for someone to run for Councillor. Chapter 1 of this AD is about the three parties that gather themselves to run for the position; intrigue, information and power all play in how well a party will go.


    - Good quality microphone, or if your quality is a little sub-par, the ability to post-edit it to a better quality.

    - No background noise

    - Willingness to collaborate and work in partnership with a number of writers

    - Commitment (as many of these characters have a main, long sustained role and recasting would be a shame)

    - A Discord account (this is where we will communicate with each other and send files)

    Goal/Aim/Finished Product: At this point we are being realistic and are only envisioning a kind of podcast/audio drama type of project, but if we have any success we may have enough resources to hire an artist and create a visual/audio novella of sorts.

    What do you get out of this?: This work will be publicly published and as such you will be credited, allowing for you to gain visibility while simultaneously adding to your own acting portfolio! You will also gain references who can recommend you for future projects and perhaps give you an edge in future auditions. You will gain a deeper understanding of collaborative creation with a group of people who all love what they're doing and are very accommodating and open to your opinions or ideas!

    We're so excited that you've already taken interest and hope to hear all your fabulous auditions!

    (Why not audition for more than one role!?)

    About the Creator: Dolittle to the Max

    My discord is Senpai #7566

    My email is dolittlemax at gmail.com

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold