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    About Whispers of The Rain (YouTube Series / Original VA Comic)

    Story Summary / Elements to the series:

    Whispers of The Rain is an upcoming 'gritty late 90s style nostaliga trip "comic series" (I say comic lightly) that is coming to YouTube and will feature voice acting, music, and a fully fleshed out story.

    The style is also inspired by the late 90s show "Ka-BLAM!".



    W.O.T.R takes place in Modesto, California during the early 2000s.

    With the town under control by a horrible "military without borders" known as the P.H.R.C, the once loveable city is now home to gangs, crime, drugs, tons of hobos, as well as mysterious creatures that go bump in the night.

    Aside from having a military of it's own, the P.H.R.C has a secret weapon on it's hands...

    The RAIN virus.

    This virus holds many stange abilities and could even bring people back to life...with a price...

    After a few dangerous test subjects escape into the city, the P.H.R.C awakes a deceased soldier only known as Killa in an effort to get him to eliminate or capture the escaped test subjects.

    Upon being released into the city, Killa struggles to understand what he is while also trying to track down the test subjects.

    After learning that they are misunderstood, Killa (along with the help of a friend and fellow P.H.R.C member, Mr.Dudley),  decide to secretly help the escaped test subjects in an effort to prove to both them and the P.H.R.C that the test subjects are closer to humans than they want to believe.

    -The series will also feature music, random skits (depending on the nature of the episode), and plenty of dark comedy, as well as a very complex and VERY dark undertone.

    -There will be a bit of swearing, gore, real-life themes and lessons, and body horror, but considering it is very cartoon-like, it shouldn't be an issue to too many people.

    -The average episode will run from 3-12 minutes long depending on the nature of the episode.

    There will also be very interactive hidden lore videos and creepy undertones.

    -There will be a mysterious background story just waiting to be unlocked that will require the communities' participation in an ongoing case to solve the frightening undertone of the series.

    Requirements / RULES:

    -You MUST have a good microphone. I can't emphasize this enough: 


    If a recording has background noises (voices, truck driving by, fan blowing into your mic), it will HEAVILY affect the audition process as well as judging and may hinder your audtion pointless

    . Re-Record again and again until you get that perfect voiceline.

    For the best effect, try using a microphone such as the 'Blue Yeti' or 'Blue Snowball'.

    Those mics are fairly affordable on the market and work EXTREMELY well with programs like Audacity.


    Although it sounds really dumb, miscommunication and distancing of ones self is the worst thing you could do when trying to audition or even when communicating with the creator.

    With a Skype account (which is free and only requires a mic and email), we could not only talk one on one whenever you'd like, but we could also keep up on the project, test some stuff out, and get to know eachother better so you won't have to feel like a stranger to others in the project.


    1. If your voice acting skills suit the character, you could surely get the role of your chosen character.

    2. ( JUST OPTIONAL, NOT REQUIRED BUT IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) Singing singing, and singing. Singing could land you a role instantly if you could sing well for that proper character, it just depends on how you sound overall and what you can sing. People who could play instruments are also always welcome.~

    3. Dedication. If you are dedicated enough to play a character, you'll try your best. If you try your best, you could land a role.

    4. Creativity. When you audition, try to think outside the box. Just think of things like, "What would this character say if I was that character?" or things like "I'm going to improv some of these lines to make them feel more genuine to this character ".

    Being creative will get you places <3

    5. Improv. Improv (or making your own lines when recording) could help you a lot.

    It shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to make the character feel very in touch with his/her's personality. Add your own lines for some fun~


    "What will this do for my portfolio? Could I get famous off of this?"

    Don't ask. It's not about fame, my friend. It's about FUN, and PASSION, and HEART.

    If you really care about this project, or are at least very interested in it, you'll know that this project

    was made to satisfy fans, not your ego and fame.

    Sure, you could get known for that specific role, but it isn't about that.

    If you audition for a role, audition because you feel as though the character could really suit you.

    Don't audtion if you feel like the role isn't for you.

    Only audition if you are passionate enough to be remembered for such an awesome role.

    I can assure you, people will adore you....but only audition for what you WANT to do and are

    capable of doing.

    Love the character, ask about the character, love yourself <3

    [wow that was cheesy]


    I can't stress this enough. Communication is the key to success.

    Even if you are shy, don't worry. I'm easy to get along with and I'm willing to help you any way I can.

    Having a Skype will help you GREATLY in this situation.

    Not only would I like my finalized voice actors to speak with eachother, but I'd also like to speak with you one on one so you could learn more about the project as well as get better familiarized with the people on the project, the creator, and what we are trying to accomplish.


    Think you are the star of the show? Think you are so great that you need special treatment?

    You'll be treated with respect and friendship like anybody else.

    Don't ever dare put down other voice actors auditioning or other people.

    Be treated as you want to be treated.

    Respect others. 

    This isn't about making money or beign better than others. 

    This is about entertaining people and making fans happy.

    If aren't willing to treat others with respect, then you could step out- someone who really wants your role could easily replace you.

    Once again, everybody is human- so treat them with respect please.

    And don't audition if you know you can't. Flakes aren't welcome.



    Music and Inspirations:

    A big part of W.O.T.R is the music.

    W.O.T.R has been heavily inspired by the music of bands like The Birthday Massacre, Submersed, Evanescence, Theatre of Tragedy, and many 80s/2000s music.

    Whispers of The Rain will not only feature known music (protected by fair use of course), but will also feature original music and audio cues.

    We are also looking for people who could sing, because it would certainly give us (and you) a bigger chance of making for original and memorable music.

    As for visual inspirations, a lot of the visuals and art are based of the works of artists like Z-T00N, Eye-B0nes, and even Tim Burton.

    History of W.O.T.R:


    A dumb child named Brandon King began creating characters for a future project.

    Although these characters were still in their early stages, Brandon had no idea what they would evolve into within the next decade.


    Whispers of The Rain once started out as a simple and poorly made comic, but eventually got the attention of several hundred people who eventually became fans and viewers of it's daily blog posts.

    After a two year run, W.O.T.R ended due to loss of creator interest and seemed to just fade away.

    With the blog deleted due to numberous reasons, nobody was sure it would ever come back.

    June 2013:

    After nearly four years in the gutter, W.O.T.R was briefly revived as a series of one-off comics and various

    drawings made just for fun. However, it was soon discontinued once again due to creator disinterest.

    June 2015, The Golden Year:

    After two years of inactivity, W.O.T.R was continued, but had a new design and style.

    Not only was it inspired by music from the Early- Mid 2000s, but it was very focused on tone and emotion.

    A series of new characters were added and finalized, one of these characters being Sapphire.

    With the addition of Sapphire, a very in-depth and complex lore and story was added due to Sapphire playing an important role in the comics.

    Although a majority of the art and comics had been scrapped to make room for major improvements, some old W.O.T.R comics and art may still be able to be found in the depths of Myspace and unknown pages of the internet.

    In addition to major improvements, W.O.T.R managed to make 150 Fans (and growing) on Deviantart.

    After many trials and errors, the fanbase figured out what they really wanted...


    July 2016, The Start of the YouTube Series:

    After much talk and planning, Brandon's team (Endless Rain Productions) decided that they would in fact create a YouTube series for W.O.T.R.

    However, the team dissipated, leaving Brandon as the only member of his production team.

    With a pencil in one hand, and a microphone in the other, Brandon set out to please his fans...

    And with your help, you too could be part of this history.

    Audition today! ~ NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold