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Foxglory's Previously Completed Works

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    About We Are Prototype [Sci Fi Web Series]

    Short Summary

    Set 200 years in the future after a deadly epidemic, the nation of Lataria is attempting to strengthen future generations with a system of artificial selection, training teenagers into super soldiers.

    Story Summary

    The war in Lataria began in 2230.  A dealy epidemic sliced our world's population in half and the thirst for power grew, countries using the decline of society to expands their empires.  A shattered and damaged nation, the Latarian government created a system of artificial selection in an attempt to strengthen future generations.  The four sanctions of Lataria; Occitali, Orientem, Aquilon, and Austri, were transformed into military regiments.  Parliament passed the Salvos Aptissimum Act that requires citizens from age ten to sixteen to train in their sanction's Consortium, an academy in which teens are familiarized with the art of war.  Those who excel in their trial and graduate become Fortures, young soldiers who participte in the Strife: a six month gladitorial event used to sift through the adolescents, weeding out the weak and sending the survivors off to fight their war.

    Our story follows Rhys, a sixteen year old girl who managed to bypass the Consortium law, surviving as a scavenger until she was caught and integrated into her academy only weeks before trials.

    About The Project

    This is a model horse film, which I know may turn some people away but hold on just a second!  The series is shot as realistic as possible, horses given human traits and qualities and truly brought to life.  Please click here if you'd like to see an example of my other work!

    This project is set to premier late 2016, early 2017, though it is a long term voice acting commitment.  I would really appreciate actors who don't lose contact as there are going to be multiple seasons.  It's not a huge load of work, you'll receive multiple scripts as once so you're not being bothered over and over again.  I'm seeking natural sounding voice actors, nothing overly animated.

    Thanks so much for checking this out!

    About the Creator: foxglory

    Hi there, I'm Foxx!  I'm a filmmaker and YouTuber from Los Angeles, CA, thought I'm currently living in VA.  I have an insane passion for film and love writing, editing, acting, the whole thing.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold