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Lorna Writes's Previously Completed Works
    About We Are Here: An Audio Drama


    Hey there! Thanks so much for your interest in the podcast. This casting call is for the first season of We Are Here. Right now, I'm almost halfway through editing the scripts of season one, and hoping to enter production around the end of February. I'm looking for voice actors to bring the characters of the show to life.
     We Are Here is an urban fantasy, set in an alternate reality where your fears, insecurities, and trauma are represented by ghosts, that follow you around all day. It deals with themes of anxiety, depression, abandonment, trauma, and eventually learning to heal. It also has a slowburn wlw romance and found family, and friendship. Think Stranger Things meets Heathers.  If you're looking to get a feel for the project, here's the first episode: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1acxMGRtYWg-R7SxP5xJwYDdjVKtQc8nk/view?usp=sharing

    Podcast summary

    Charlie Underwood is haunted. Ever since her father left, a ghost has watched over her. Asks her, over and over again: Why bother, Charlotte? Just give up. 

    But when she meets Angelina--an overachieving basketball player with a few demons of her own--everything changes. As the two grow closer, for the first time in her life... Charlie has hope. 

    However, dark forces far bigger than the two could ever imagine are at play. And if Charlie wants to fight, it’s now or never.

    Audition guidelines

    • You don't need a top-of-the-line microphone or a home studio, but some kind of professional recording equipment is required. My current recording setup is a Blue Yeti mic, pop filter, and a laptop for reference.

    • Please record in a quiet room, with decent acoustics--both for your audition and when we enter production. 

    • Please include some way to contact you with your audition. (Discord or email is preferred.)

    What to expect if you get the role

    • If you audition for a lead role and get it, you can expect to be putting in 4 hours a week at maximum while we're recording a season, probably less--and for a minor role, you can expect about one hour a week while recording.

    • This is not a paid role. I'm looking into the possibility of applying for grants/working out some other way to pay actors, but as it stands there isn't going to be any money coming out of it. However, if it did get to the point where we could make money off of it via a Patreon page, merchandise, etc., obviously the first thing on the agenda is paying actors. That being said, if there's any favours I could do for you in exchange for your work, I'm open to discussing that. 

    • Once we do enter production, there will be deadlines for when I need recordings. However, this is also a passion project, and so if something comes up for you we can always change that. It's super important to me that everyone on my team feels comfortable and respected.

    • I currently have a four-season arc planned out for the show, each season taking about a year to produce. This is a long-term commitment, so keep that in mind when auditioning. As well, the show will deal with some heavy, potentially triggering topics--which I'll mention before sending each script--and there is swearing, so keep that in mind.

    • You will need to make a Discord account if you get the role, as I'll be coordinating table reads, deadlines, and sending scripts via a Discord server.

    Please note: I'll be adding more roles as time goes on, so if there's nothing you want to try for, just come back in a week and I might have posted something new! Right now, I'm just trying to test the waters and figure out how this whole thing works. :)

    Thank you so much for your interest in the project, and I hope to work with you in the future!

    About the Creator: lorna_writes

    Hey there! I'm Lorna. I write poems. make podcasts, write stories, the whole deal. (she/her pronouns please!)