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Kevin Eleven's Previously Completed Works

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    About SuperZeros (WIP DC Comics related project)

    So, it's sorta a long story, but me and a close friend are working on a project built around some original concepts, as well as a failed DC Comics production from 2017, entitled "Powerless". I guess you could call it an alternate universe from that, or a spinoff or something, but it is what it is. i tried to keep the story (which can be read below) in basics.

    In a city full of chaos and disaster is where a young team of superheroes reside  - The Unstoppables. Problem is, the town wishes they could stop them, as, frankly, they're not very good at their job. Their leader, The Killer Coleslaw (who's real name is Cole) is well aware of this.

    After quite a long time of realizing that his attempts of saving the city are merely annoying its' citizens, he attempts to step down as a superhero, to fall into a "by the books" human life. However, this isn't allowed, under any circumstances.

    Unless, of course, you simply disappear.

    With this in mind, he leaves his prior life behind, heading off to live a normal life, as Kevin Coles. He finds a job working at an insurance company for those caught in the middle of superhero battles. He happily accepts, thinking he can still help the world, albeit in a smaller way. His supervisor and longtime member of the company, Emily Locke, feels the same way; she isn't too crazy about the hassle all the heroes cause, but is glad to help the people caught in it.

    However, just as soon as Kevin finds the job, his cousin and former colleague (Travis) finds his location; however, Kevin convinces Travis to keep his identity a secret, stating how truly happy he is being average. Not only does Kevin have to keep his past life from his nee coworkers, but Travis must also continually throw off anyone looking for his cousin.

    However, work isn't all sunshine and roses, either. A new boss has just entered the company, who is, in blunt honesty, something of a jerk. His main priority isn't helping those in need, but rather, making whatever money he can. As expected, Emily and her boss often butt heads, which is even more delicious conflict.

    - Mic quality isn't much of an issue (the rest of us working on it right now don't have perfect mics, either).

    - I'd prefer to contact members via Discord, email, Messenger, or here.. I like to think I'm fairly flexible in that regard.

    About the Creator: KevinEleven

    Just an 18 year old nerd trying to make people laugh and spread good vibes.

    Don't have much professional experience, but I've been doing some voice acting for friends and such for two years now. Really just doing this for fun as a hobby, as I love to act vocally.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold