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Alpha Izzie's Previously Completed Works

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    About Untied Warriors : Animation

    Welcome to my new project!


    - Must be 13 or over

    - For voice acting must have a good quality mic

    - No swearing

    - Got to be able to work well with others

    - Must be active

    - Must use discord

    - For elf characters, there will be elvish language in the series but it should be easy to speak

    - This is the same for dragon characters

    Requirements for application:

    - Discord name and #0000

    - Preferred name and pronouns


    Long ago the 5 factions: Dragons, Warlocks, Humans, Wolves and Elves, all were at war, to keep the peace, the leaders of factions created crystals to represent their factions, and as long as they saw the sun the factions would be peaceful. In order to ensure the peace remained, they created dimensions for their species to live in, contact became rare until they didn’t talk for centuries.

    Hundreds of years later, the humans are trying to take over every dimension, and 4 unlikely companions whose worlds were invaded, stumble across each other and make a pact that they would not stop trying to defeat the humans and find the crystals that were locked away.

    About the Creator: Alpha_Izzie

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