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Hello there!To make this short, I have a dubbing group. We call ourselves UNDERDUB and do dubs of Undertale comics on youtube, so far we have about 1,180 subs and are growing decently.

 As of recently I have become very busy with things and our videos have been coming very VERY slowly and I feel so bad to collect dust with my co-workers because I am not able to complete a few videos without my time flying out the window. So I need YOU to help me video edit our comic dubs, just some sound edits, some effects, some funny things- sound effects. I'm looking for fairly detailed, like if someone drops something or this and that, music, anything. Also clean cutting on the video, cropping and zooming and shaking and so on, I apologize for sounding like I need a real pro but I really need as much help as I can get. 

You will be featured along side me for helping me create and will be apart of our UnderDub family and can help us with future projects, we have some awesome stuff in store!

So for now please check out my personal Youtube where I currently host UnderDub and check out our videos we have done, with some help from my cast here and there I have spent countless hours putting these videos together with my talented cast, and I don't want their talent to go in vain... I hope you understand, 

Here you are! > https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWAyjuUkGgHFFGEf_29nqFw

And now, what you may do is if you're interested please message me any way you can, by voice in the audition thing, or a private message and when so I'd like to see what you've got, if you have content you've worked on please show me and I can be the judge from there! And with so I may not accept one but maybe two or three of you if there is many interested to be by my side so we have a huge editing team, it would mean the world to Underdub and I with all this support and help... c: 

 And finally just some requirements:

 - You NEED to have a skype! 

-  You need to be available for a good amount of time and get things finished or at least almost by a deadline I may give, (And don't worry I'm not strict, but if I need a video out a certain week I will poke at you ^^) 

- Need to have some form of place I can link so people can find you and I an give credit!

-  Hopefully be comfortable if we dont always do Undertale related things but other comics or fandoms ect! 

- And do not worry! We are all very friendly, you will get to chat with our cast and be welcomed instantly, all I ask is you be friendly, join in when you'd like and we can go from there!Thank you so very much for your interest I look forward to any submission! I will also be putting this on my other media sites and seeing who applies there and eventually speak with you and mark you down! Have a wonderful day, if you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to ask! Thank you again <3

- Neon

About the Creator: mizzneon

Hello my name is Oliver, I go by Neon online! I am a Non-Binary Singer, Artist and Voice Actor. As of October 2015 I got into Undertale and have been singing and dubbing for it ever since! My profession is singing but I love to Voice Act for whatever whenever. I also run a YouTube channel that is currently at 7,493, steadily on the way to 10k subscribers! (updated 07/15/18) I do voice acting, singing, speed draws and so on (You can find the channel trailer at the bottom of this page under finished projects.) If you need to contact me please try my Email; (Located on my YouTube under the about me/description) but if you need me asap try my DeviantART also being MizzNeon. Thanks! Want to know more about me? check below!


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/wayofthewolf

DeviantART: http://mizzneon.deviantart.com/

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/mizzneon

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mizz_Neon

Tumblr: http://mizzneon.tumblr.com/

Art Tumblr: https://neon-draws.tumblr.com/

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