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About UNDERTALE FAN-SONG / Crusher-P - ECHO Orchestrated

ECHO - The Orchestral Remix

This project is an orchestral/vocal cover of the song ECHO by CrusherP, and the instrumentals will be created by Sully Orchestration. Most Undertale fans like to associate it with the animation done by v0idless.

We still need an awesome singer who could help fill in the role of the lead vocal! It's undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the song, and it's never complete without it!

The song tells the story of a person who has an inner conflict with themselves and has no idea of right and wrong. They don't know how to fight this conflict and they don't even know who their enemy is.

 They don't know what they have to do and just feel like going crazy, running away from everything. "I wanna burn my house down into and ugly black, I'm gonna run away now and never look back." 

They want this to stop. They can't take it anymore.

In the story of Undertale, it focuses on the story of Sans. In that context, it should make more sense.

You may sing in any appropriate style that works for you, but here are some aspects you need to consider:

- Audition along to the orchestral version in the video with headphones so you get the 'feel' of how to sing as if it was in an orchestral hall. (Vocals start at 0:37)
- Needs to be emotional and passionate, every line has to come out from your heart. 
- A good range of mid to high pitches. More suited for females, but males are also welcome to audition.
- Do not use the background music along with the uploaded audition. Just your voice.
- You can record each verse separately, or continuously.

The instrumental part is still in the works, but you can check out a preview of it here!

The project will be finished around early June, so production begins now! Audition, and sing the best voice you can. Good luck!


About the Creator: sullyorchestration

I make orchestral remixes of songs, and from time to time I may need vocalists! 

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold