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Redfox Whitefox's Previously Completed Works

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    About Undertale AU | SplitTale | Casting Call

    Here is the storyline of SplitTale.

    Life has been good on the surface. But many things have changed. About 100 resets before the monsters finally left the underground for good, it wasn't just Chara and Frisk. Someone new fell, someone the monsters had never knew. She called herself Jayden, she didn't wield a knife, she had a long sword instead. Her sweater wasn’t green with one thick yellow stripe, her sweater wasn’t blue with two slim megenta stripes, it was brown with two slim black stripes. She was nice, and only killed the smaller monsters, though Sans didn’t like that she killed something at all, Sans, and the others accepted her, she was another version of Chara and Frisk. Soon, Jayden joined the reset pattern, Chara, Frisk, Jayden, Chara, Frisk, Jayden. Things were back to normal. Another 50 resets later and a new person falls, her name was Pike. She wore an ice blue sweater with one thick white stripe, she was the opposite of Jayden. She spared all those who were little, and all that cared for her, she killed them in cold blood. She did not wield a knife, nor a sword, in her hand she held a double sword, a blade sticking out from either side of the handle. Jayden, Pike, Chara, and Frisk all lived in the same head, and switched turns to control the body every reset. But that all changed one pacifist run done by Frisk. The moment Frisk passed through the barrier, she fell to her knees. Then three red whips flew out of her chest, each one of them turned into a heart and from them, a body grew. One of them wore a green sweater with a thick yellow stripe, and red eyes, Chara. The next girl wore an ice blue sweater with a thick white line, and blue eyes, Pike. And the last one, wore a brown sweater with two thin black stripes, and magenta eyes, Jayden. The four had been split, and the reset button lost. Chara had been given the FIGHT button, Jayden the ITEM button, Pike the ACT button, and of course Frisk had the MERCY button. However, sadly they weren't the only ones split. A few other monsters were split as well. Muffet, was split into two, not four. A male spider with brownish color named Biscuit, he loves spider donuts, spider cider, and spider biscuits of course. The other part of Muffet, a female magenta colored spider named Missy, she loves spider cake, spider cupcakes, and spider tea. Grillby, was another monster that was split. Into two others, a female named Shyla, and one male named Flame. Shyla, is not very talkative and she is well, very shy. Flame on the other hand is extremely hyper and talkative, he is always wanting to go adventurering. One more monster was split. No one thought, the prince, Asriel, of all monsters, would be split in two. One side, Anthony Dreemerr, is cruel, and is practically best friends with Chara. He represented Flowey of all monsters. The other side, Audrianna Dreemerr, was very kind, and was better friends with everyone else. She represented the true Asriel. Once all the monsters had settled into a big house together, Pike soon started to regret what she had done, over and over. She started becoming nicer, and better friends with Frisk and everyone rather than Jayden. This made Jayden jealous, and Jayden turned down the wrong path. Jayden was furious, saying that it was her job to be nice, and that Pike was supposed to be evil, and that Pike would never change. 'Why do you believe in her? She killed you all!' Is what Jayden would argue with madness. Sans confronted her, and out of rage, and Chara's influence, Jayden swung her sword, and killed him. Everyone was shocked, Pike stormed up to the furious Jayden. 'Do you know what you just did!? You killed Sans! The reset button is gone! You can't erase this mistake! Sans'll never come back!' Pike screeched with tears in her eyes, and finished by giving Jayden a hard slap to the face. About an hour later, Sans walked into house rubbing his head, asking what had happened. Everyone was so happy to see him, and now we knew that we would, re-spawn as some would call it. Once Sans was informed what Jayden had done, he looked at Jayden and Chara as the murderers, and Pike and Frisk as the ones that would use the the MERCY button most. The next morning, Pike woke up, and her once ice blue sweater with one thick line, turned into an ice blue sweater with two thin lines. And Jayden's sweater, once brown with two thin black lines, now had one thick black line. Pick now had the ITEM button instead of the ACT button, and Jayden now had the ACT button instead of the ITEM button. They had switched. Pike would be the neutral pacifist, and Jayden would be the neutral genocider.

    Plz have a good mic

    This dub will be uploaded to my YouTube channel.
    RedFox WhiteFox

    About the Creator: redfox whitefox

    Hello~ I'm RedFox WhiteFox. Fox for short. I am thirteen years of age, and though that might be step back for some people, I assure you, I act way older. I once asked some people that I talk to online how old they thought I was their answers ranged from 16-22. So there's my mental age for you. Being younger means I can make very high-pitched voices, and many other voices too. I can even do a extremely deep and demonic voice.

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