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About Sister Location Voices Needed (Updated)

I'm directing a group of several Actors, all dedicated to Five Night's at Freddy's Comic Dubs, Audio Drama's, and the occasional Parody or Cover. We are currently in an introduction phase; bringing voices for all the characters in five or so minute videos, but we've put that on hold to begin work on a Christmas Special and the 'Out With The Old' Comic.

But, while my actors are working on those; I've started on an Audio Drama that I'll be constantly updating this casting call for.

This drama will be centered around Sister Location and my theorized story that's slowly being pieced together. More roles will be added the more it's written.

I am also looking for Understudy's to assist in filling in for when an actor is unable to turn in their lines. Your job will be to quickly step in their place to voice whatever characters they do in order for me to keep pumping out video's.

Misc. Roles:

Script Writer: You'll help me with moving dialogue from comic form, into a script form to make it easier for my actor's to read their lines. Also, you'll work with me on any Audio Drama's and whatever I need written. I do not plan to make you work too long on your own, I'd much rather be there to assist in creating whatever we need.

Audio Editor: You'll help me create the robotic sound we'll need for people who can't do it themselves. I'm only one person and I just need some help with editing other's voices, along with my own for the roles I have for this project.


-Clear Mic

-Must have Discord

-Must be able to Email me Files

-Must be willing to attend calls, and not randomly disappear without telling me first.

Everything we record will be posted on my channel, but you will be given a clean version (Meaning without my tacky outro) With full rights to upload it where ever you want.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold