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    About "Bubbly Friendship" Casting

    Hello everyone! I’m here looking for some voices for a series of audio shorts called “Bubbly Friendship” :D

    The basic premise is this: When Derpy loses both her house and her job she finds herself with nowhere to go and nopony to turn to. That is until she’s found by Equestria’s most lovable and arrogant showpony, Trixie. She agrees to take her in to prove that, despite Starlight’s beliefs, she can in fact be responsible. And as Derpy is now living with Trixie antics obviously ensue.

    The series only has one episode written so far and doesn’t have any real ending in mind, just a bunch of shorts showing the life of Derpy and Trixie trying to get along in this strange situation.

    1. You're mic doesn't have to be professional or perfect, just as clear and as little background noise as possible.
    2. This is a longterm series, so only join if you know you'll have the time and motivation to keep going.
    3. You MUST have a Discord so we can communicate.
    4. Have fun with it! This is a silly little series of random short stories so just have fun :D

    And of course, you will be credited in every episode you're part of ;)
    I'm excited to hear your auditions! Good luck!

    About the Creator: Tech Reel

    Just a beginner in the world of voice acting, looking for some fun :D

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