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Classes Start Week of Jan 4th
  • Audio Engineering
  • Voice Acting
  • Music Composition
  • Intro to Drawing Anime
  • Video Editing

Joellamae's Previously Completed Works

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    About Tokyo Ghoul Abridged

    Tokyo Ghoul
    Tokyo Ghoul is an anime based off of people who cannot eat normal human food, so they must eat humans. These are known as "ghouls". A war slowly breaks out as the humans and ghouls fight.
    What you need if you want to join.
    - Please have a good microphone. No headsets please. Headsets are not recommended when you want to be a good voice actor. If you want to voice act the cheapest and best microphone to get is from amazon known as the Fifine k669. Please no background noise and make sure to have a pop filter. Pop filter's are highly needed if you don't want to have a "pah" when you pronounce things.

    - Have Discord please. Discord is needed through this and it would be very kind if you got it or have been using it. I will point out this is my own opinion but it is better than Skype at points. If you do not have Discord, do try it out.

    - Enjoy yourself doing it! This is an abridged series, we want you to enjoy yourself while you audition for the character you want. If you feel don't feel comfortable auditioning for a character, find a different one. This is all pulled for the anime.

    - Make sure to have a nice set up. I do sound picky but the best would be nice to have. A nice set up with sound proof foam (if needed) and a stand, pop filter, including like I said a nice microphone would be nice.

    - Make sure to be loyal with this project. I can't really explain it. But putting you time into something and taking your time to learn new things and talk with others is really nice to do and it is easier to get along and understand everyone.  

    This will be produced under Icewolf Productions.

    About the Creator: Joellamae

    My name is Joellamae, people call me Jello and I'm 16 and have been voice acting for about 6 years. Recently, I've been getting cast in some stuff which I'm somehow surprised but at the same time I do wish to audition for other things and see how I do! I do singing, voice acting, my own projects, etc. I somewhat do fandubs, but that is for other people. I tend to be quiet but I also like to get my lines done ASAP and make sure they're good.
    What microphone I use
    The microphone I use is a bit old but I'm buying a new one it is a Fifine. BUT! Instead, I decided to get a 400 dollar XLR. I do have a popfilter also, so no need to worry on that!
    What I like to voice act as
    I don't really care what I voice act of at points. But I do love to voice act nekos. On some VA servers on Discord I am known as The Neko Specialist. I usually am grateful for what I voice act as. Either way I do try my best and make sure I get better everytime.
    How to contact me if I get cast
    If I get cast in a project of anyone's I make sure they contact me email wise, google hangouts, teamspeak, or Discord. I do not use Skype and I don't plan to use it.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold