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Juju6068's Previously Completed Works

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    About 兄姉: Thicker Than Water

    Keishi: Thicker Than Water is an RPG style game that explores the bonds that are and will be between siblings, schoolmates, and strangers. 

    Koichi Nakagawa is a normal Underclassman of Lazuli (Lah-ze-lei) City. He likes swimming, sports, and doesn't enjoy forced government volunteer work eating into his summer. His parents, always busy with their laborious technician jobs, pile the chores on him. His annoying younger sister Hikaru, a Bubble Bun™ enthusiastic and champion shrieker of eleven years, is somehow the favorite of everyone who lays eyes on her. 

    This summer is set to be terrible from the get-go. His best friend is on vacation on another planet, the community pool is closed for repairs, the baseball field is closed and his parents are demanding that he complete his volunteer hours before the family is fined for Indiscretion. And to make matters even worse, the witch woman's granddaughter, who came to Lazuli only last semester, hasn't done her hours either. So they'll do them together. He and that no-good liar of a next door neighbor, Matsumi Morioka. The same girl that thinks anyone would believe that that nuclear scrap of a planet Earth could ever have oceans, mountains, forests, and deserts all on one astronomical body. 

    The day, already bad enough, spirals out of control as Hikaru runs away to a Bubble Bun™ marketing campaign, taking with her an old journal given to her by Matsumi's Granny. Chaos ensues as, with her plans throttled by being underage as well as being cornered by her brother, Hikaru writes a wish in the journal to become an adult... and it comes true! As with many of Granny's old heirlooms, the journal is magic and everything written within its pages becomes truth.

    With the help of Matsumi, Koichi must chase his sister through the whimsical worlds she creates within the journal, and perhaps learn a few life lessons along the way in this tale of magic, technology, and the bond between a brother and his sister.

    About the Creator: Juju6068

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold