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Luggywolf's Previously Completed Works

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    About The tales of Tobias Noble-Futuristic Sci-fi space audio drama.

    The year is 2095. It's 40 years after the great plague ravaged Earth and we have already have 11 colonies on Mars.  Run by a large mining and terraforming company called Colocorp, the main purpose of habitation on Mars is to mine a mineral called Infinium.  A sample the size of a pinhead could run a home for a month.  Colocorp has basically become a one world government, in a sense.  Nicknamed "The Corporation", world society has become a large business structure full of bureaucrats and departments.  

    Tobias and his friend Heinrich Vault have just graduated from high school and are preparing to join "The Corporation". They have no skills or disipline but they don't need it because of a technology called Hyper Somnolic Learning (HSL) which trains your brain while in hyper sleep to do an occupation.

    Your mission, Should you choose to accept it, is to become one of the many charaters aboard the transport ship K2, Inhabitants of Kramden colony on the moon, Midpoint Space Station, and colonists/miners on mars and on supply ships.

    Also, I need people to audition for Tobias, Vault and Janet.

    I've been working on this project for about 10 years now and I am finally ready to start casting it.

    I also need a person good with sound effects and mixing that would like to work with me on this project.

    My goal is to make this process as organic as possible so just go with it and have fun. I'd like to keep this going as long as I can and hopefully make a sucess of it for all who are interested in participating.

    REMEMBER: this is the future but it's still alot like now. The plague reduced the human population by millions so take that into consideration when creating your character.

    A little history of The Plague or "The Reaping"

    It started as a very bad flu season.  People all over the world were getting sick at an alarming rate.  The flu was very contagious and exposure would result in death within 72 hours.  When economies began collapsing at an alarming rate, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared an International Health Emergency and the United Nations took over.  Each household was given a death kit which consisted of a body bag for each person in the home, a sign for the front door warning of the contagin, MRE's (meals ready to eat), a roll of duct tape and a large roll of plastic.  When a person began feeling symptomatic, they would go to a room in the home and another person would seal them into the room with two days of MRE and a goodbye.  If the person lived alone they would call a phone number and someone in a biohazard suit would come to their home and perform the duty. Body bags were laid out in plain sight of the cleanup crew and sign was attached to the front door with the date of the first sign of symptoms. Weekly sweeps were done on neighborhoods. Cleanup crews, dressed in SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) biohazard suits would enter the home, cleanup the bodies, and seal the doors and windows to prevent anyone from entering after they left.  Many of the people on the cleanup crews were exposed dooming themselves and their families to the same fate.  When entire streets and neighborhoods began emptying out, the UN would come in and set the entire area ablaze.

    This went on for close to five years until one day, on a routine sweep of a home in Forbidden Zone 4, a small child was found playing alone in a home.  The story goes that when the cleanup crew entered the home, the child became frightened and ran to the room where his mother lay dead and clung to her.  The child was removed and observed.  After two weeks the child still showed no signs of symptoms.  Stories such as this began trickle in from all over the world and soon an antivirus was made from the blood of the "Chosen Ones". That small child that was found in Forbidden Zone 4, was given the name Evan Noble, and added to the list of "Founders" that saved our species from extinction.

    About the Creator: luggywolf

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