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About The Startled Afterworld | The Jack of All Blades

What is Freaks Among Machines and where does this particular part fall in?: Most of the story takes place between the late 1960's up to 1981. This all takes place in an alternate reality where the entire population span was genetically cloned as a desperate attempt to boost the population during the 1950s. Everything seen in this takes place in a fictional city called "The Badlands", located in New Mexico. But this part currently takes place right in the middle of the plot.

Prelude (aka how everything happened): The main protagonist of the story in general is "Wyatt". A man that grew up in the criminal world as a kid, pulling off small gas station robberies to full blown bank heists with high risk but better payout. One day, him and his crew get greedy and their luck begins to fall short with Wyatt taking most of the fall. After a fatal injury, he was presumably found "dead" when rushed to the hospital but was revived through "a substance that does not belong in this reality". The man that saved him is the story's antagonist; General Solomon, a.k.a. The Overlord. He offers Wyatt to either join his private military known as the S.A.F. (Spartan Arms Federation) or rot in prison. He took the latter.

Backstory behind the Startled Afterworld:

The Startled Afterworld originated as a government project around when tension during the Cold War was rising with the Soviets and the US. The main purpose of the project was to create a "virtual combat simulation" for the military to prepare their troops for frontline combat. This was the first time humanity as ever connected with the human mind and reality. As testing went on, the scientists and the testers were fully unaware of the "side effects" when entering the simulation. Several test subjects would mysteriously die off from "whatever happened in their head". As several years pass by, with millions of dollars being burned away at trying to find a solution to the mysterious deaths, the US Government decided to scrap the entire project as a whole from the face of humanity. 

The Spartan Arms Federation discovers the Startled Afterworld project with some bits of it still being fully operational. The SAF begin to question why there was so much effort and resources put into the project and then thrown away out of nowhere. They put together what was left of the project and begin their own testing to find the answers themselves. The main character, Wyatt, is one of those test subjects among many.

Current Time:
Wyatt gets thrown into the project as a test subject as a means of punishment for insubordination and "finding out the dark truth to his past". Wyatt wakes up between two rival mercenary factions, the R.E.D. (Reliable Excavation Demolition) Team and the B.L.U. (Builders League United) Team. Wyatt doesn't question or think about the reality he woke up in and just follows along with what his surroundings tell him.

What's happening with this chapter?:
After getting knocked out during a recent gunfight, Wyatt wakes up and finds himself back at his "Base of Operations" where both factions are going through a "Temporary Truce" when both factions would join each other in celebration and peace, around the 4th of July. As Wyatt gets confused of his surroundings and seeing it as his first time where enemies and allies become close friends, he stumbles upon a random unidentified man that gives him a substance that "Never came from our reality" to commit actions he wouldn't normally do without any thought or doubt. As the man tells him to use the truce as a distraction on the enemy, he has no control over himself and goes on a merciless genocide throughout the enemy base.

NOTE: If you have taken a major role (Wyatt, Abigail or RED Engineer) then a Discord is required for this. Skype also works too, but discord is easier to work with. You'll be sent an invitation to our discord group if you've been selected as a "reliable asset". You'll receive full credit for your support and help when the project is complete if you have auditioned. Also more of these projects will be opening up in the very near future with the "Startled Afterworld" tag on it, keep an eye on that.

About the Creator: Special Caleb Productions

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