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Fearlesscgva's Previously Completed Works

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    About The Secret in the Roses || Sims 2 VO Series


    1: Please have a good quality microphone. I don’t want to have a bunch of popping in the lines. It will disrupt the emersion and throw the audience (and me) off.


    2: Try to use some program like Audacity to remove the background noise. Trust me, I know how awful it is to not get cast in something purely because there’s too much background noise.


    3: Accents are perfectly fine. None of the characters had one when I was imagining the series but I really wouldn’t mind using somebody with an accent. Accents are really interesting, so why not?


    4: Try to be dedicated if you get a part. I’m currently on summer vacation so it’ll be pretty easy for me to be able to get episodes filmed and edited as well as posted, however it won’t always be like that. So please try to bare with me through the series. It won’t be too long. And I’ll give fair deadlines for when the lines are due.


    5: Have emotion. The characters of this series are going to be dealing with a lot of things, so you’ll need to be able to scream, cry, laugh, and all things in between. However, don’t overdo it. Make it believable.


    6: Be okay with LGBT themes. There are quite a few characters who aren’t straight. So, if you audition, please make sure you are fine with playing a character who possibly likes the same gender.



    A simple rose left in front of your door with a meaningless-seeming note couldn't be all that dangerous seeming. Well, in this case, it means that you're in danger and are doomed to be killed. Is there any way to avoid this fate? Is it at all possible to discover the identity of this murderer and convince him or her to not kill you?

    This Sims series follows August Denn over a span of about 3 months in which he undertakes about a dozen elaborate murders.

    About the Creator: fearlesscgva

    Hello! My name is Corinne Elaine and I'm 20. I sing, voice act, stage act and also write! I'm happy to voice in anything and everything! Feel free to message me any time for any kinds of work, I'm happy to check it out!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold