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    About [CLOSED] "The Real Swimteam of Iwatobi" - Genderbent Free! - HARU AND AUSTRALIAN RIN NEEDED

    Thank you all for your auditions! We've chosen our Haru and Aussie Rin and we cant wait to get started!

    Full Price Dubs WANTS YOU!

    So, you always wanted to be in a Free! fandub...but you're female.

    Its okay, we understand.

    We have the solution for you.

    Enter "The Real Swimteam of Iwatobi"--a Mean Girls/Most Popular Girls in School-esque abridged version of Free!. ...And it's gender bent. Yes, that's right.

    The cast has been mostly formulated--an all-star team of female comedians most recently seen in Girly Idols! (An abridged parody of Love Live!).

    BASICALLY: We are looking for our lead, our STAR (darling)...our homecoming queen on shark week (we know what you call it)


    1. If you're going to audition, there's an expectation of dedication till the end of the project. I can make exceptions when some things happen to you in real life, such as family emergencies, my own schedule being congested, or suffocating jobs & such (with an advanced notice). However, dedication is expected.

    2. We're looking for not only someone who is hilarious, but we are looking for a down-to-earth person who enjoys long walks on the beach and dinners by moonlight. Someone who has previous modeling experience (part-time preferred) and happens to be cheer captain....and homecoming queen...But, seriously, we're looking for a future collaborator and FRIEND to work with. We are a very active group. (IF YOU DONT LIKE PEOPLE WHO SCRIPT AHEAD OF TIME AND LIKE TO LAUGH TOGETHER...THIS IS NOT THE PROJECT FOR YOU)

    3. There will be swearing, adult-related topics, etc. (Recommended 15+) (...We're talking legitimate excerpts from 50 Shades of Grey)

    4. There's going to be a lot of references. We suggest you google MPGIS, Heathers, Mean Girls and maybe even The Clique...if you didn't already/live in a hole/under a rock. ...And 50 Shades of Grey. Seriously. Be above 15.

    ...If you read all these, bless you. Mention it in your "about me" and you get brownie points.

    We'll see YOU soon!

    About the Creator: lakejules

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