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Addrian's Previously Completed Works

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    About The Nedaloni's; Rise of Tony - 1 VA currently needed!

    Hey there guys. Now I have been working on a new kind of fim, this genre will focus on more of drama/mafia. Something you don't see a lot of in brick films unfortunately. Originally, this film was meant to be set in the 1920's prohibition era. However, this film The Nedaloni Family; Rise of Tony will be more based around the 1960s-70s possibly later.

     That part is still being decided, but production of the film has commenced!To give you a bit of description about the film.The film is set in the outskirts of New York, originally set in Chicago events happened and the Nedaloni's expanded. Tony in this film will be a much younger version of a future Don. You will see him in this movie quite often, where he will rise and fall several times as he makes his way through the ranks proving his loyalty. Although he is a Nedaloni he still needs to be bread like one. He is family, and family does come first. But he needs to prove himself to his Uncle who currently resides as the Don Mafiaso of the Nedaloni's

    .This film will revolve around the struggles of carrying on with their everyday duties of being part of an organized crime syndicate whose primary activity is protection racketeering - the use of violent intimidation to manipulate local economic activity. Being bonded together by a code of honor, in particular the code of silence.Some other great features I would love to implement in this, is the use of emotion. I did want to attempt this originally with LOCT, but I never had the chance to finish it.

     Hopefully with this I will be able to bring that more to light.Despite the genre, this will film will hopefully focus on their code of honor, loyalty and respect. Along with many other emotions.I infact have already began production as mentioned above. I have just shot over 1 minute and 36 seconds of footage. Which was an amazing amount of work, just for the fact it is very hot were I am, and my hands were constantly sweating to the point I struggled moving the minifigs heads and bodies! Luckily it is done and I am most pleased with the result.

     Thats another thing I'd like to mention is, this animation will be more focused on improvement of animation, and smoothing it out. So more time, and more frames. Here is a frame;


    The Character (Frankie Deragi):


    Frankie Deragi is a former captain for the Nedaloni Family. His a good earner and is a very respected captain. He looks out for his soldiers and helps whenever he is needed. He will never turn down a good heist were he knows he can earn a good score. 

    Check out my explainer video, its not from the actual film, but it'll give you a slight small idea of what to expect. 

    I would prefer auditions to be sent straight to my main email for voicing: [redacted] would be much easier to handle! 

    Please mention how you wish to be credited.

    About the Creator: addrian

    Hey guys names Addrian, currently working on a few projects my most notable right now is a lego stop motion film based on the mafia, called The Nedaloni's; The Rise Of Tony. More info can be found on its thread.

    I do voice acting for other stop motion animators, and am a novice animator. I love the concept of lego stop motion and try to do it whenever I get a chance. 

    I am excited to hear all your voices out, and grab you along for the journey.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold