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Inventorofthebizarre's Previously Completed Works

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    About The Lazy Effect (Mass Effect machinima)

    The Lazy Effect

    The fandom for this non-profit machinima is that of Mass Effect, but really anyone can enjoy it (if it's your kind of humor).

    The Lazy Effect is about an odd guy named Lazy who discovers he can't die. At least, not permanently. What follows is a series of wacky adventures shown through machinima and quirky voice acting.

    The new Phenton, Shade, Thomas, Asura, Naeli and Daisy character trailers can be found here:







    And check out my account/channel that posted it to see the 17 episodes that have been made so far.

    Think this is some rookie's very bad mass effect parody? Think again! The Lazy Effect: Episode 17: The Landing

    Well, if you compare it to the professionally made games... that's not really fair, is it?

    Fifth rollcall!

    One-time role (your audition, if you are selected, will be used for the actual episode): Quarian operator (speak with a professional tone and a Russian or East European accent; the quarian voice filter will be applied by myself); Naeli's role is already taken, but her lines are included to give you an idea of what the quarian operator's responding to.

    Quarian operator: Unknown ship inbound, prepare to fire!

    Naeli (distressed, reciting quickly): This is Naeli’Tium nar Shellen, requesting permission to dock and help fight the geth!

    Quarian operator: Please verify this, young pilgrim.

    Naeli (stately, solemnly): For far too long, I have not seen my people. For far too long, I have been adrift in the empty quarters of the stars. But though I’ve never felt the touch of our homeworld’s soil, I long for my people’s embrace upon my return.

    Quarian operator: Permission granted. Go to exterior docking cradle 7 at these coordinates. We embrace you Naeli’Tium and welcome home.

    New side character that will appear more often as the series gets near the ending: Zaeed2, a gruff mysterious figure, that is nonetheless very protective of 'Crazy', a deranged woman that can track the guy she's obsessed with: Lazy. (your audition, should you be selected, count as the lines for the actual episode)

    Zaeed2 (cautious, yet gruff): We shouldn’t stay here for too long.

    Crazy (so creepy!): Laaaaazyyyyy…

    Zaeed2 (warning): Command said no contact. If the geth catch onto our presence, we’ll be dead before we can stretch a limb.

    Crazy stays silent.

    Zaeed2 (more caring): Did you take your injections? They make your mind clearer.

    Crazy (so creepy!): They empty your head…

    Zaeed2 (cryptic): Some of us would see that as an improvement. *beat* They’re moving.

    Zaeed2 (observing): Their ride will be here soon. Better get on it.

    Crazy (creepy confident): I’ll find him. I alwayssss track him down.

    Zaeed2 (reminding): It’ll only take you a while, won’t it. Come on.

    Note: Any machinima actors are also welcome, as are people with other certain skills (to be able to machinima act for the series requires already owning ME3).

    Send your audition along with your forum name to: [redacted]

    Deadline:4th of February 2015.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold