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About “The imperial rule“ Fan made audio drama ( Star Wars ) 2

This will be an audio drama set throughout several years after revenge of the sith. 

The main protagonist will be Bail Organa. 

The story will focus on him beginning to form the rebel alliance. 

One of my key problems with rebels was how all of these rebel cells just united into one off screen at the end of season 1. 

This audio drama will focus heavily on how Organa managed to rally all of these freedom fighters into one without the empire’s notice. 

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PROJECT WILL ONLY BE RELEASED IN NOVEMBER and will begin production in September. It will be happening 100% and I’ve just put it out early so that I can manage to get a good cast.

Here is the character list - 

Bail Organa (main character, lots of lines, most important to get right, not yet taken) 

Emperor Palpatine (occasionally appears, some lines, for the moment already taken)

Darth Vader (a few appearances, for the moment already taken)

Wilhuff Tarkin (secondary character who appears quite some times, currently in negotiation with an actor)

Mon Mothma (another main character, plenty of lines, not yet taken)

Quarsh Panaka (very important for a certain part of the story, big chunk of lines, not yet taken) 

Mas Amedda (a character who appears often but for brief moments, medium amount of lines, quite important to the story, not yet taken)

Toonbuck Toora (a secondary but almost main character, has almost a lot of lines, not yet taken)

C-3po (has a few brief cameos throughout the story, several lines, not yet taken) 

Fang Zar (one of the first rebels, I’m not quite ready to specify what importance he has, not yet taken)

Meena Tills (quite important, has an average amount of lines, not yet taken)

Bana Breemu (a few lines, not too important, not yet taken)

Dewell Bronk (minor, very few lines, not yet taken)

Giddean Danu (secondary, medium amount of lines, not yet taken)

Chairman Papanoids (very small role, average amount of lines, not yet taken)

Chi Eekway (can’t say how long the role is yet, not yet taken)

Sweitt Concorkill (very small role, not yet taken)

Tan Divo (a very important role for 15% of the story, a lot of lines, not yet taken)

Yoda (mostly appears in hologram, one big scene in real life, lots of lines, not yet taken)

Young Leia Organa {age 9} (One scene with about 11 lines, not yet taken)

Ahsoka (average amount of lines, a character mostly hiding in shadows, not yet taken)

Whoarm Loathsom (small amount of lines, not yet taken) 

Clone troopers (small amount of lines for each clone but many clones, not yet taken)

Orn Free Taa

New characters (none taken yet)

Moff Corakle (several scenes, each with a decent amount of lines)

Nightbrother Eremin 

3 brand new nightsisters

About the Creator: oppo rancisis

I am a teenager with a lot of charisma. I am very experienced in voice acting and am a mimic by nature. I am also incredibly talented at directing and am currently working on a lot of great projects. I am a big fan of star wars and can do a flawless (by my standards) impression of every character. I am not however comfortable with calls and much prefer emails. 

I started being fascinated by the art of movie directing when I was 6 - I loved filming short films by playing every character and wearing various wigs. In April of 2015 (I was 9) I wrote a book called the secret agents of future and presented it to my class. A month later (May) I filmed my first film with many actors that was based on that book with my relatives as the cast. That was the moment I realized I will definitely be a movie director once I grow up. I still pursue that career and have never for a moment doubted that to be my destiny.

In December 2014 (I was 9) I watched a show by director Yuri Grymov that was an adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's novel 'the lost world'. I was so amazed by the wonderful way the director put everything into motion I remembered it all very clearly.

Amazingly, a year later in December of 2015 (I was 10) the director decided to once again do the show but this time chose to add several younger-aged characters into 2 scenes. So he started a casting call which I was extremely lucky to attend. Yuri was impressed with my abilities so chose me along with several other children/young teens to be a part of that year's show. 

The show debuted in March 2016 and the director was so fascinated with my performance for such a small role he wanted me to be a part of a new film he is making.  That is how I ended up playing the part of the grandson of Vershinin in Yuri's film Три Сестры (which was filmed in June 2016 but only came out in October 2017).

I have also attended classes on acting in 2015-2016 as well as some classes on directing and video editing in 2017.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold