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    About The cyrstal Hearts real audition( Characters made by me )

    If you are auditioning for these characters than I should really tell you the story of my series.

    Ok so there are four dogs( Katrina, Katherine,Kathyan and, Calvin ) that you play as, don't x out of this call . these aren't ordinary dogs theses are dogs with special powers, because they have crystal hearts inside of them. Instead of regular blood hearts they have crystal hearts, Their mother never got to explain to them why because she died. And they are hiding in the spring waterfall mountains because they are running away from the darkened wolves. They are chasing them because their leader wants the heart all to himself. He wants to rip those hearts out of the four and implant it into his body, giving him all the power to rule better over his kingdom, because he's a very small version of his species. So since this is happenening the older sister Katrina is protecting her siblings from the darkended wolves from the burning side. Katherine and Kathy aren't helping at all becuase they laugh way to much and play to much. Katrina is very tough, very strong, and very protective, She would never forgive herself if one of them got hurt or worse. Although her siblings don't know that they have powers and she says it will remain a secret, to keep them all safe. Calvin is just one of those brothers that just sit back and whatch and sometimes join in. But yes this is a very interseting story so i suggest you give a try at acting these characters! 

    I'm going to upload a trailor for the series soon so stay tuned!

    Btw if I say I'm going to cast you please private message me and We'll share emails and I'll send you the full script, By email you can send me your voice so I can finish up the animation!

    Rememebr if you really want to do this you'd better stay active on casting call. Be sure to check it everyday! I'm sure I'll be active!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold