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    About The Anthem of the Heart / Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda English Trailer Fandub

    ***UPDATE: Hello everyone! Thank you for the auditions! I haven't been able to find time to give feedback to those who have asked for it (I'll get to it soon!), but rest assured that I have listened to all of the auditions. The scripting for the first trailer is finished, but I have yet to get to the mixing. Also the deadline may be extended if needed. At this point, I will be adding some characters that appear in the trailer aside from the main cast so feel free to audition for them too! Thank you so much and happy auditioning!



    Jun Naruse is a girl who carries the guilt of breaking up her family with the words she carelessly uttered when she was young...

    Suddenly, a mysterious “Egg Fairy” appears in front of Jun and casts a curse on her so that she can never hurt anybody with her words. Jun’s ability to speak is sealed away: every time she tries, she feels a pain in her stomach. Traumatized by this experience, Jun hides her feelings deep inside of her heart, turning to e-mail messages on her mobile phone as her sole means of communication.

    Jun is now a second year high school student. One day, her homeroom teacher appoints Jun and three other students as members of the Regional Friendship Exchange Executive Committee. As it turns out, the appointed group is a rather unexpected mix of students. Other than Jun, the members of the Committee are Takumi Sakagami, the burn-out who never speaks his true intentions; Daiki Tasaki, the former baseball team ace who failed his run at the Championships due to an injury; and Natsuki Nito, the cheerleader and honor student who has some concerns about her love life. They all suffer from emotional trauma just like Jun.

    About the Project

    Hello everyone! After recently wrapping up my Garakowa project, I thought I'd give Kokosake a shot. Unfortunately, if I were to take this on, I'd have to balance out this project while attending school so it might take awhile (I also haven't scripted or mixed anything yet, so that adds to the amount of work to be done). For now, I'm going to post this to see if anyone would be interested in participating in this project. If it garners enough interest, I'll start posting auditions for all the characters that appear in the trailer(s). Thank you so much!

    Here is a link to the Japanese trailer for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnOKdfEwNMQ


    1. Please try to make your audition, as clear as possible. Try to avoid getting puffs, clicks, background noise, etc in your recording.
    2. If you are cast, please have a method of contacting me (email is preferable).

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold