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    About Stereotypical British SAS Soldier Voice Needed (Male or Female)

    Hey there

    First off, thanks for clicking and reading this. This request doesn’t involve any payment unfortunately, and it’s for something that will most likely not be giving a lot of exposure. You will of course be credited for your work where the content is uploaded.

    What I’m looking for is a somewhat specific voice over, for a small project/video which is in it’s early works at the moment.

    Nothing big or special, if finished it’ll be thrown onto a small YouTube channel of mine

    Incase you want to see where that is:

    The voice over itself is going to need to be along the lines of that coming from a stereotypical SAS soldier. British (Whether that be with an English accent or a slight Scottish or Irish one), male, sounding between the ages of 30-50yrs old most likely. Tough, rough and intimidating, but the video itself is comedic and a voice such as that adds as a certain humour to it. If any ladies want to try and give a female equivalent to this, I'm all for listening to it and seeing if it could possibly work.

    These are just some similarities/references, they do not need to be 100% impersonated:

    CSGO - SAS Voice

    Vinnie Jones has a lovely voice too:

    As does that Jason Statham bloke. Can’t find a good quick reference surprisingly.

    CoD - Macmillian

    Crysis - Psycho

    Won’t go into too much detail here, but the video is a parody of sorts with a certain game (Rainbow Six Siege. For those that know of it, you’ll see why that type of voice is fitting.)

    There’s a few hundred words to record in total and of course the sound quality needs to be “good”. No background noise, no echoing etc. I’ll post some example/audition lines to record, please record yourself trying all three if you can. I’d prefer any recordings to either be sent in an MP3 format to me via email ([redacted]), or available for me to listen to via Soundcloud, Vocaroo etc. (As long as it’s simple and easy, I don’t mind)

    No deadline as of now, shall update here if I have someone chosen.

    Thanks again for reading, hope I could describe things well but of course feel free to ask any questions if need be.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold