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About Star Search - A Sims 4 V.O Movie (Singers, Composer, and Lyricist Needed)

There will be Covers of existing songs some of which might be the ones in the auditions... AND Maybe even some written specifically for this!

Star Search is a movie idea that came to me while I was scripting the first episode of Lost Souls and listening to music and I figured since I've had decent luck at getting voice actors and actresses for Lost Souls here that I'd add this project to my repertoire . 

a small town, 4 girls, and the chance of a lifetime.
when a talent scout unexpectedly arrives in the small town of oasis springs, 4 girls lives get turned upside down when they are given the chance of a lifetime....the chance to become a singer basically overnight. Watch as these 4 girls form an unlikely bond over one simple
What Exactly is this project?
It's a voice over movie\machinima made with the sims 4 that will go on YouTube
How Long is the intended final product? 
this is a one time thing as of yet. (if it does well I might make a sequel to it though) it's a movie but it probably will only be 30 minutes long tops. (I haven't started filming so I don't know)
Is it multiple episodes or parts?
No it's a single part movie as of yet.
Time Frame?
there's no specific time frame. 
Turnaround Time?
I'll have specific dates lines must be in and actors must get them to me within a week of that date or the must contact me if there is a problem.
MUST BE COMMITTED- I can't change voice actors in the middle of a's just not possible...this is a small scale project though so this part shouldn't be a problem.
MUST HAVE A HALFWAY DECENT MIC- I don't want to be able to hear your sibling or parent in the other room while you are trying to record lines or sing.
EMOTIONS- Emotions go a long way in acting and singing!!!!
DON'T BE AFRAID TO SING!!- I don't have enough people that would be willing to sing in your place and this movie is about becoming a singer so DON"T be afraid to sing!!!
YOU HAVE TO BE OKAY WITH SWEARING AND SENSITIVE TOPICS- Some characters will swear and some have been through quite a bit. 
AND LASTLY HAVE FUN!!!- include bloopers in your audition and if you get cast include the bloopers from doing your lines or singing!!! I want to see that you are having fun!
Number of roles: 6 female and some extras 

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold