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Tommy Tugboat's Previously Completed Works

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    About Star OCT Round 2

    Aternova and I are looking for eight voice actors in our Third animated project; Star OCT - Round 2

    Pervious works for this competition.
    Audition: [link]
    Round 1: [link]

    Star OCT is hosted by Skelwolf on deviantart and is a story telling competition set in space with pirates, sci-fi nonsense, and the search for the ultimate treasure!

    Please send me the accompanied lines of the character to my email address at '[redacted]'.  Demo reels will be accepted as well, but may not have a better chance over those who record the provided lines.

     The deadline for this audition is July 15th, please send in auditioned lines before then. 

    Thank you for your consideration! :>

    Please note that minor roles have just a handful of lines. We'd encourage those who audition for major roles perhaps try them as well! or audition for multiple minor roles if possible.



    Male in tone [Minor/ recurring role]


    Art by: Kirrw

    Cleats is fashionable, snarky, sassy, and rather picky about everything at first glance. He's relatively easy going and supportive, encouraging others to do their best and hold on, lending an encouraging hand to anyone who might seem down. He holds himself in a friendly and charming way that lures the unguarded into an easy friendship, though never always with ill-intentions. [more info may be found here Cleitos Agnara]

    Audition lines:
    "We run background checks on all of our recruits."
    "But... I'm of the impression that we can help each other out."
    "These three are here for our search for the Star Vault map pieces, not on our explicit command."



    Male in tone [Minor/ recurring role]

    Art by: Stupidyou3

    A laid back man with not a single care in the world, Iggy kept that attitude for a long long while, he has a strong interest in rare ingredients and probably would do anything to grab some. When faced with conflict he does
    remain extremely calm and tries to settle down the raging person in front of him with some chillax and snax. [More info may be found here Iggy]

    Audition lines:
    "I'll be telling you a bit about the planet Carceleum today"
    "The Carcerites built these cities, and they have more experience with tech than most of us on the Realta combined"
    "I just wanted to make a sundae..."



    Male in tone [Major role]

    Art by: Aternova

    Though rare for him to trust others aside from his friend Psyche, Richard does his best to be civil towards others. Almost melancholy in tone. Richard is a former soldier, and knows how to defend himself.

    Audition lines:

    [cautious]"Is there... anything I have to worry about?"
    "Psyche– We need to get going."
    "What's he like?"



    Male in tone (but very soft, female va's may be considered) [Moderate role]

    Art by: Aternova

    Audition lines:
    "How about you stay here and I go talk to them, then?"
    [clearly dreading this] "Wh-what is it? "
    "How much energy have you been using?"



    Female in tone [Minor role]

    Art by: Aternova

    When C.C. speaks it's typically only a couple of words at a time. A bird thats very blunt and almost stern.

    Audition lines:
    "Someone's coming."
    "You look horrible."
    "Good riddance."



    Male or Female in tone [Minor role]

    Art by: Aternova

    Carcerites are the denizens of Carceleum, and are comprised of insectoids drapped in cloths to manage the heat of the planet. [Anyone can apply for this role, There may be different citizens in varying scenes, so it's likely we will choose multiple people for a handful of lines.]

    Audition lines:
    "Are you in trouble, shapeshifter?"
    "Please do not rest upon the statue of our queen."
    [lightly] "Oh, it's quite alright. You are hardly the only one. "


    Carcerite Queen
    Female in tone [Major Role]

    Art by: Aternova
    A royale member of the planet Carceleum. An insectoid in appearance and perhaps regal in tone, we would really like to see what you can do with it!

    Audtition lines:
    "Oh my."
    Hello, soft ones. Have you come to view the preparation of the festival?
    "A moment, please."


    Shop Trader 
    Female in tone [Minor Role]
    Can be seen in our audition, is a friendly woman who manages her own trading store.

    Audition lines:
    "I hope you won't mind."
    "Watermelons sure are strange"
    "He'll only be staying for a day or two..."

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold